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Erhöhte Development Experience

Security Podcast

Die XZ/OpenSSH Backdoor

Zerbrechliche Strukturen in Open-Source-Projekten

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A natural language calculator

powered by a local LLM and node.js

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Clientseitige Speichertechnologien im Browser

Ein kurzer Überblick über diverse Technologien zur clientseitigen Speicherung von Daten und Zustand im Browser

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Running an AI Chatbot on Your Own PC

Llama.cpp, gpt4all and others make it very easy to try out large language models. Here’s a short guide to trying them out under Linux or macOS.


Babylon as a Feature

Multi-lingual documentation, made simple


Creating data products with Terraform on AWS

Have you heard of data mesh? Are you intrigued by its potential but uncertain how to get started building data mesh and data products? If so, this article outlines a potential approach and delves into the key concepts behind it!


Round-robin coding

Remote mob programming typically means one person takes on the role of typist at the screen with an open IDE, more or less typing what the others tell them to. To ensure that everyone stays on top of the work, the role of typist is frequently changed up and the current state of the code is handed over to the new typist. Our simple CLI tool called mob enables such a handover in just a few seconds by bundling the necessary Git operations into concise commands.


Weihnachtsaktion für Open-Source-Projekte: Gerrit Beine verschenkt drei Softwarearchitektur-Gutachten