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Remain resilient, fail fast

Keep your systems resilient to broken connections and unreliable networks. Unless it’s start-up time.


Video-Interview mit Stefan Tilkov

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Transclusion in self-contained systems

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Transklusion in Self-Contained Systems

Frontend-Integration im Web ist ein riesiges Themengebiet. Dieser Post befasst sich mit dem Teilaspekt der Transklusion „fremder“ Inhalte in den DOM einer anderen Seite.

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Praktikumsbericht „Web Discoverable Hypermedia“

Nachfolgend ein Erfahrungsbericht von Valentin Pratz (15), der mit Bravour ein zweiwöchiges Schülerpraktikum bei innoQ absolviert hat.



Die dritte Auflage ist endlich da!

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Declarative HTTP API Testing with gabbi

While HTTP APIs are ubiquitous these days, testing and documenting such APIs remains somewhat awkward: Tests usually consist of procedural code that is specific to the respective language or even framework - which is neither very expressive nor easy to maintain.

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Per request debugging with Log4j 2 filters

Customers quite regularly call on me to support them when an application is not behaving as expected. On a development machine there are a lot of ways and utilities to analyse the situation. But troubleshooting the erroneous application behaviour in production environments quite often limits your tool belt to a minimum.