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Progressive Enhancement with Hotwire

A REST-based backend with a JavaScript monolith on top – that’s todays de-facto standard for web applications. With Hotwire you can build much more lightweight web applications, that both inherit the advantages of SPAs and avoid their disadvantages. In this blog post we’ll give an overview of Hotwire.

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Good arguments for SPA frameworks

I love SPAs when they are used with a clear purpose. I hate them when they are not. This blog post tries to explain my personal conflict.


Nachhaltige Webarchitekturen

Warum REST und SPAs nicht immer die Lösung sind

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Currently, a lot of companies are migrating from Desktop applications (mostly written in Java) to Web applications for their products as well as for their internal tooling. When they start with this process they often ask themselves: Which technologies should we use to build our Web application? Should we use Angular.js or React? Or should we go with recommendations like ROCA instead of a Single Page Application?