Sketchnotes in IT

Each of us takes countless notes during our workday - of presentations, meetings, difficult tasks,… Most of these notes tend to suffer from the “long and indecipherable” phenomenon, which is why they quickly end up in trash. Often such notes do not help us to remember the important things. Yet that’s exactly what we created them for! In my session, you’ll learn how to integrate sketchnotes into your daily work as a techie and what advantages they can offer you. You’ll learn what sketchnotes are about, how to use them for your own benefit, and how they can help you finally remember the things that matter. To ensure that you have everything you need after this session, we’ll draw together, step by step, some common symbols used in software development and architecture. You’ve come to the right place if you want to improve the way you take notes. You don’t need an A in art, you simply need to want to try something new. Get your pens out, ready, go!

17:45 - 18:45
Online Event
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