Web Applications in Clojure

Clojure Meetup Munich Februar 2017

07. February 2017 | -

Clojure, as a Lisp dialect running on the JVM, is a purely functional language that also takes advantage of the great library support available in the Java world.

As a functional language, it provides great abstractions for developing web applications, particularly because of how it handles HTTP, which is a fundamentally stateless protocol. In this talk, I will explain the fundamental concepts behind Clojure web applications and how the Clojure libraries harness the power of the existing Java infrastructure in order to provide state of the art server technology.

Futurice, München
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Joy Clark is a consultant at innoQ and develops software for the JVM. She appreciates elegant software solutions and her main interests are functional programming with Clojure and developing responsive web applications with progressive enhancement.

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