Testing with mutants

:clojureD 2017

25. February 2017 | -

Property-based testing is mainstream now (there, I said it). The testing approach popularised by test.check enjoys wide adoption in the Clojure community. This talk is dedicated to another randomised testing technique. Mutation testing introduces subtle bugs to source code of our projects and checks that our tests catch those synthetic problems. Clojure — a homoiconic language with dynamic code reloading — should offer us an excellent foundation for building a mutation testing library. But there’s not a single one out there. Why? Let’s try to answer this question together.

A video of this talk is now available here.


Kalkscheune, Berlin
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Jan is a senior consultant at innoQ in Germany. He has worked on a number of software systems built with functional programming languages such as Clojure and Erlang. He enjoys sharing his experience and regularly speaks at software conferences. He is always happy to answer your questions related to functional programming and property-based testing.

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