AngularJS FTW?

Devoxx Belgium 2015

12. November 2015 | -

Imagine, you’re a developer in a big company. Imagine, your boss gave you the technical leadership of the next web project and the freedom to choose whatever technology you want. “Great! Thats my chance to finally do something with AngularJS”. But does Angular fit your needs? Does it make sense? Is it the grail you always looked forward to? Lets see some examples, hear some stories and learn why the answer is no.

Metropolis Antwerp, Antwerpen, Belgien
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Sebastian Janzen is a Developer and Senior Consultant at innoQ. Since 2007, he is working on web technologies. Recently he is dedicated to Internet of Things projects like Eclipse Smart Home and frontend technologies like AngularJS which he is using since 2013.

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Roman works as a senior consultant and developer for innoQ Germany. He builds web applications, preferably in agile teams and is focused on frontend related aspects like responsible use of web technologies, application architecture and tooling. His current interest lies in accessibility, responsive web design and user experience.

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