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Why the Data Mesh Canvas?

Data architecture can be complex. Our Data Mesh Canvas simplifies this complexity, offering a collaborative framework that allows you to map out an entire data mesh or focus on a single use case involving multiple data products. This tool is designed to facilitate seamless interaction among various domain teams, enhancing understanding and cooperation.

Three archetypes

Therefore, the Data Mesh Canvas categorizes data products into three archetypes, a categorization originally introduced by Zhamak Dehghani in her book Data Mesh.

With the Data Mesh Canvas, you can sketch out a vision of your data mesh, or even better, a single use case covering multiple data products owned by different domain teams. We’ve used the Data Mesh Canvas in our trainings and consulting projects with great success, and now, we’re publishing it for everybody to use!

Simon HarrerSimon Harrer, Co-Creator of Data Mesh Manager, INNOQ

Access and Learn

The Data Mesh Canvas is now accessible via Miro. Additional information can be accessed on the website. Furthermore, you’ll find the definitions of source-aligned, aggregate, or consumer-aligned data products.