Cloud for Breakfast: innoQ at AWS Tech Talks

From 26 April to 2 May, Amazon Web Services is offering a series of “Tech Breakfast” talks with a focus on Microservices. All events include an introduction to “Microservices on AWS” with Sascha Möllering (AWS) and a talk by our colleagues Jerry Preissler and Alexander Heusingfeld. In this session, they will take a closer look at “Pragmatic Software Engineering – when theory meets real life”.

In this talk, Jerry and Alexander will share some learnings from consulting gigs bringing software-modernization projects from idea to production. They will outline a typical project lifecycle from development to testing, deployment and operation, introducing the Self-Contained Systems (SCS) approach. They will explain, how SCS helped them to align development work with business features, and how they utilized AWS services to serve the re-occuring theme of customers requesting a shorter time-to-market.

These free-of-charge meetings will take place in Berlin (26 April), Munich (27 April), and Düsseldorf (2 May). Register now!

Update 2017–04–28

The slides of this presentation are now available on Speakerdeck:

Additional resources mentioned by Alex and Jerry for your personal research:


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