Property-based testing: You won’t look at your tests the same way ever again

Property-based testing changes the way you think about your work. Instead of specifying assertions one by one, this new approach tests your code with streams of unexpected inputs and edge cases. Despite its potential, the technique still remains under the radar. Let’s uncover its strengths together! The talk will discuss how property-based testing compares to traditional testing methods and demonstrate its principles with simple examples. We will see how the method fits into a TDD workflow, a CI/CD pipeline, and a modern JVM testing toolchain. In order to bust the myth of the inapplicability of property-based testing in a real-world setting we’ll bring up some use cases from industry. Finally, we’ll wander into the world of concurrency and the automation of race condition detection.

13:00 - 13:50
Konferenz / Veranstaltung
GeeCON 2019
Multikino, Kraków



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