Mutation Testing in Continuous Delivery Pipelines

Continuous Lifecycle 2017

16. November 2017 | -

Mutation testing is a method of evaluating and improving the quality of our test suites. It introduces subtle bugs to source code of our projects and checks that our tests catch those synthetic faults. High computational cost of this technique have prevented it from being widely used in our standard programming toolchain.

Can we try to sneak it in through the backdoor of our continuous delivery pipelines? How much of it can we automate? How can our version control system help us in the process?

Let’s try to answer those questions together.

Congress Center Rosengarten, Mannheim
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Jan arbeitet als Senior Consultant bei innoQ in Deutschland. Er ist Experte für funktionale Programmiersprachen wie Clojure und Erlang. Er teilt seine Erfahrungen gerne und spricht oft auf internationalen Software-Konferenzen. Er beantwortet immer gerne eure Frage zum Thema Funktionale Programmierung und Property-Based Testing.

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