Lost in Abstraction

GOTO Conference Berlin 2015

03. Dezember 2015 | -

Why should a user buy an expensive IoT-solution? Because it provides convenience. But to unleash the full potential, the user needs freedom to access all functions of a connected thing to support his special use case. Sadly, this often gets lost in abstractions to support only the common features of a device class. In this talk, I’ll show some examples of how to model things and how Eclipse SmartHome can help you to get the best experience for developing and using your IoT solution.

KOSMOS, Karl-Marx-Allee 131a, Berlin
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Sebastian Janzen ist Entwickler und Senior Consultant bei innoQ. Er arbeitet mit Web-Technologien seit 2007. In letzter Zeit widmet er sich Internet of Things Projekten wie Eclipse Smart Home und Frontend-Technologien wie AngularJS, welches er seit 2013 einsetzt.

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