Abgesagt: The Art of Software Reviews

Every software has „potential“, in other word „there’s always room for improvement“. But before we start hacking on our systems and hoping for something to become better, we need a solid overview of their actual strengths and weaknesses.

The presentation shows a systematic approach to software reviews, starting with its concrete goals, the (difficult) scope and the necessary people (aka stakeholders). We then take a closer look at different areas of investigation, such as architecture, code, technology, quality requirements, application data and development and rollout processes. The core concept behind this approach is iterative breadth-first search, supplementing the review with in-depth analysis where appropriate. For each area of investigation, Gernot Starke will give examples and show methodical tools for effective and practical use.

As it is definitely not enough to only identify the problems, you need effective means to explain those to other stakeholders. Therefore, you will receive tips that you should consider for a convincing presentation and communication of your conclusions and recommendations.

10:30 - 11:10
Online Event
GOTO Amsterdam 2021