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Energiefresser dynamische Programmiersprache

Sind Python, Ruby und Co CO₂-Schleudern?


How we cut our website’s carbon emissions in half

Between 2010 and 2030, the environmental impact of the digital world is expected to triple. While network infrastructure and devices get more and more efficient, all of these improvements are eaten up by more and more people and devices being connected to the internet, but especially by websites which are becoming more and more bloated. On the desktop, the average page weight of a single web page is four times as much now as it was in 2010. On mobile devices, it’s even more dramatic: The average page weight is ten times as much as in 2010. In the summer of 2022, we decided that it’s about time that we take action and start decarbonising our company website.


Assessing the Sustainability Impact of Startups

A Guide for Entrepreneurs

Podcast dekarbonisieren

Maßnahmen für besseren Footprint


What is Sustainable Software?

Environmental sustainability is a very important issue, but software is something virtual, so it doesn’t seem to have an impact, right? Wrong! As software creators, we have a significant impact and can make a difference by incorporating the principles of eco-friendly software development into our understanding and practices.


Nachhaltige Web-Architektur

Ständige Verfügbarkeit – Muss das sein?


Nachhaltige Softwareentwicklung

Den ökologischen Fußabdruck unserer Software minimieren


Cloud Computing and Carbon Footprint

Businesses around the world start to grow more conscious of environmental issues. Yet, although a decision made for an IT infrastructure is often one made for the long term, its carbon footprint is rarely taken into account.


Web Sustainability Assessment