Outside-in TDD in theory and practice

Many of us have heard about outside-in TDD. But maybe not everyone had a chance to actually see it in action. How can I apply it successfully? Can I avoid pitfalls? What would be the benefits?

In this session I’ll first start with a bit of a theory, what are the ideas behind the outside-in approach and how it differs from inside-out. I’ll show the connections between this technique and other ideas like „walking skeleton“, ports & adapters architecture or domain-driven design. But the main part will be dedicated to actual coding. First, I’ll do a live coding implementing one or two features on an existing system. Then it will be your turn to either try to recreate my steps and see for yourselves, or to take on where I left and implement some other features. As it is often practised in TDD, I’d encourage you to work in pairs or even mobs. Please bring your notebooks with Gradle and Java 11 installed!

As a base, I will be using some existing Java project. The project will be small enough to be understood very fast, we will not be starting from scratch. It will also be using Spring Boot and I’ll be showing how to actually avoid problems with such frameworks rather than integrate with them, but I’ll be showing both. The theory is, of course, applicable to other languages and frameworks.

19:00 - 22:00
Konferenz / Veranstaltung
Munich Software Craft Community Meetup Februar 2020
it-economics GmbH, München



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