In order to really be able to test out different accessibility patterns, it’s a good idea to create a minimal example of what you are trying to achieve. This makes it much easier to test out the implementation using different input devices (e.g. Mouse, Keyboard, Screenreader), but it also gives you a link that you can use to ask for feedback from other users who might be reliant on assistive technologies. Note that it is important to try your very best to test the examples yourself with the assistive technology you are testing (e.g. screenreader) before asking someone else for feedback! You can identify many different issues yourself, and the resulting feedback is sure to be much better.

This link is Joy Heron’s collection of examples, including her notes from the tests that she has done. It is primarily intended for her personal use, but she is happy if it helps anyone else as well.

If you have feedback for a given example, please feel free to give some feedback in the corresponding Github Repository.

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