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SAML support for WSE 3.0

Ever thought of an interoperabel Security Token Service (STS) for providing brokered Web Service security? Here you go: SAML STS for WSE 3.0 Quickstart. Although not an officially supported feature - guess why ;-) - the Quickstart has been developed by the Microsoft Patterns & Practices team at Microsoft, which also issued the Web Service Security Guidance. Therefore at least some minor surveillance by Microsoft might be expected.

SAML STS for WSE 3.0 Quickstart supports the creation and access of Security Token Services for issuing SAML v1.1 tokens. The download includes full source code and a sample.

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WSE 3.0 (final) released on MSDN

The final release of WSE 3.0 is available on MSDN. It integrates into Visual Studio 2005 (RTM) and includes an updated set of samples and whitepapers. Go, get it here. You might also want to check out the updated hands-on-labs on security and messaging.

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