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LINQ for NHibernate

In the last days I’ve been thinking about what will happen to NHibernate after LINQ has officially been released. While looking for some resources on the web I stumbled about some posts by Oren Eini aka Ayende Rahien.

Ayende is developing a LINQ for NHibernate provider and has also posted a very helpful How To Guide on implementing LINQ providers.

This project is definitively worth a look for every NHibernate developer!

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New Guidance Automation Feb 2007 CTP supports Vista

The Microsoft Patterns and Practices Team released the Guidance Automation Extensions and Guidance Automation Toolkit February 2007 CTP for download.

The CTP has nothing new to offer, except support for Windows Vista. Several bugs have been fixed and performance has been improved. If you haven’t had any trouble and if you’re not running Windows Vista, there’s possibly no reason to update.

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Jeremy D. Miller - Do you use OSS tools for .Net development?


Jeremy Miller started an informal poll asking “Do you use OSS tools for .Net development?”.

Does your workplace routinely employ Open Source tools for software development with .Net?  If not, why not?  Based on experience, I can probably make some guesses, but I’d still prefer to hear it from you.

  • OSS isn’t supported
  • Untrustworthy quality
  • Company policy
  • Don’t know the alternatives
  • We only use Microsoft tools

I’m very interested in this question, too. I’ve got a strong Java background and have been using OSS tools very often. The experiences have been good and bad. Today I’m mainly using the .NET editions of the most famous Java OSS tools:

Compared to my Java projects this is a very small set. At the moment I’m playing with

Until now I’m very pleased with the tools we’re using. Thus I’m recommending them to you!

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Architect Journal gets a facelift

Via John Evdemon:

Simon’s taken the old website, revamped it and integrated it with the MSDN Architecture Center. The result is easier searching, cleaner navigation, and greater cross linking with other architecture articles and downloads – while still maintaining the  unique and popular brand of the magazine.

You can access the Architect Journal through

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BASTA 2007 Spring Edition - Vortragsfolien

Es war wieder einmal eine sehr interessante BASTA in Frankfurt. Viele neue Gesichter waren zu sehen und ebenso viele Neuigkeiten von den Kollegen zu hören.

Hier wie versprochen die Folien und die Solution zu meinem Vortrag:

Dokumenten- und Schema-basierte Services mit WCF

Vielen Dank für drei spannende und informative Tage!

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