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Larry Lessig: How creativity is being strangled by the law

via Ayende @ Rahien:

Although the content of Larry’s talk is well worth watching it

He pins down the key shortcomings of our dusty, pre-digital intellectual property laws, and reveals how bad laws beget bad code. Then, in an homage to cutting-edge artistry, he throws in some of the most hilarious remixes you’ve ever seen.

it is the show that impressed me most.

Larry uses a style (slides & talk), which most of you might already know from the Identity 2.0 talk by Dick Hardt. What sets them apart (at least from my point of view) is that Dick is overdoing it (a bit) and Larry seems to have found the right doses (for me).

Anyhow, the show is a must-see!

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Visual Studio 2008 will be released at the end of this month

S. Somasegar, Vice President of the Developer Division at Microsoft, announced on his blog, that Visual Studio 2008 and the .NET Framework 3.5 will be released at the end of this month. The official marketing launch, which will include Windows Server 2008 and SQL Server 2008, is still scheduled for February 2008.


Great news. Get ready!

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WCF v2 Features in .NET Framework 3.5

Christian Weyer has published some entries about the new WCF features of .NET 3.5.

In his first post he give a rough overview of the popular and not so popular new features. One of these features is the new Web Programming Model. Although support for RESTful Services is an important feature for the next version of the .NET Framework, I’m wondering, whether a slick light-weight solution (such as Mindtouch Dream), which remains true to the principles and simplicity of REST, isn’t much better suited than an all-in-one silver-bucket attempt.

Dominick Baier joins in and writes about Usernames over Transport Authentication in WCF.

In his most recent blog post Christian publishes a list of all updated/new WS-* specs in WCF v2.

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