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Aaron Skonnard on Contract-First Service Development

Aaron Skonnard has published an article on Contract.First Service Development in MSDN Magazine and announced it in his blog.

Again, this article explains the importance of Contract-First Development in a SOA. The comparison with coding COM components in VB shows the dangers of hiding the paradigm from the developer. I don’t indulge in writing WSDL or XSD files, but hiding the interface or message design from the developer and replacing it with an out of place RPCish model is definitely worse. A good alternative might be some visualization tools - something like the Class Designer: the service designer. If something is difficult don’t replace it with unfitting alternatives even if those are easier to grasp. It just doesn’t fit!

As Aaron Skonnard points out in his article the fact that nearly every tool on the market uses a Contract-First approach when building service consumers (clients) and a Code-First approach when building service providers is paradox (at least).

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