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OOP 2007: Services - Prinzipien und Taxonomie

Vielen Dank für Ihr Interesse an meinem Vortrag auf der OOP 2007 in München. Wie versprochen hier die Folien: Services - Prinzipien und Taxonomie.

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"The Service Factory for WCF" article by Aaron Skonnard

After downloading and blogging about the new release of the Service Factory yesterday, I discovered that Aaron Skonnard’s second article about the Service Factory has been published on MSDN. This time he writes about the WCF flavor of the factory, which generates Windows Communication Foundation code.

As usual, Aaron Skonnard does a great job of pointing out and describing the most important features and processes.

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New Service Factory release

Don Smith announced a new release of the Service Factory in his blog. I wrote about the Factory, already. Although I haven’t had the time to investigate the new release, the thing that intrigued me the most was the WSDL-First feature.

This might be the feature all of those Schema/Contract-First geeks (including myself) had hoped and waited for …

Download the ASP.NET and WCF services C# edition, now! 

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