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Communicating organizational changes with “Team Topologies”

Whenever the need arises to set up a new team, split a team into two or move responsibilities between teams it is necessary to have a good idea of where you are and where you want to be after the change. Additionally to the current and final states you will very likely have phases with intermediate states. To help everyone involved to have a shared understanding of which phases you will transition through - and when responsibilities and communication channels have to be created or changed - a visual representation of these states can be used to paint a (literal) common picture.

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Evolving software like an orchardist

Software systems are usually larger, overgrown structures that developers need to bring back into shape after some time. However, creating an overview of the sprawling conglomerate of software components is challenging, let alone developing a clear plan for moving on. This blog post uses analogies from pruning apple trees to show developers how to evolve their software systems using a value-based approach.

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Draw The Diff

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How to prepare a (not only technical) talk

As I want to improve on giving valuable (conference) talks this year, I like to introduce my current four-phase approach to preparing these. Because when you intend to improve things, it is always a good idea to start with summarizing the current state. From there you can find out what is already good and where there is room for improvement. I would love to hear / read about your tricks and ideas!



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