Why you should combine DevOps with Domain-driven Design

The DevOps promise “You build it, you run it” is now being taken seriously and successfully established in numerous organizations. Through close collaboration between development and operational skills, numerous hurdles can be overcome and release processes accelerated. Furthermore, with an agile mindset we want to move away from a traditional project thinking towards a product thinking. For the latter, however, another skill is relevant: business domain knowledge. This is where the software architecture discipline Domain-driven Design (DDD) comes in, propagating very close cooperation between domain experts and development teams. This session will give you an overview of Domain-driven Design and then highlight how the ideas of DevOps and DDD complement each other and where there are advantages in combining the two ideas. Furthermore, the session will briefly discuss how microservices harmonize with Domain-driven Design. In summary, we will see in the course of the presentation that a “you build it, you run it” can become a “you design it, you build it and you run it” thanks to Domain-driven Design.

20:00 - 20:50
Online Event
JCON Online 2022