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Minor Blog Updates, and Where Have the Comments Gone?

Stefan Tilkov,

First of all, you’re likely only reading this because you’re one of the few remaining souls who rely on RSS/Atom to follow a blog, just like I do. That’s great! And I apologize for messing with your feed (it’s quite likely a whole bunch of articles were marked as unread in your feedreader, something I hate when it happens to me). Sorry.

As you can see (or could see if you bothered to visit the site, which you probably don’t as it provides a full-text feed so why would you? I know I wouldn’t), I have tweaked the design a bit to align it a bit more with our main company site, which I happen to like quite a bit. I also included nicely unobtrusive, pure HTML share buttons (because I keep hearing people like them and didn’t want to include more JavaScript code provided by a party interested in tracking your every move then absolutely necessary). Most importantly, the fact that the whole site is now delivered via HTTPS only is reflected in the URIs used as IDs for the posts, which is likely the change that triggered that unread mark.

I will try to treat you better in the future, fellow Atom die-hard.

In the same spirit (less JS), I also removed the Disqus comments. I love the idea of Disqus (externalized comments), but I hate the implementation. But if you have feedback to some of the stuff I write, feel free to write me an email! I might not answer immediately (or rarely not at all), but I’ll try to incorporate whatever you send me into future posts.