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It’s been a long time since I last updated the blog. I have been really busy creating the in-house application (here at innoq) for invoice management and time reporting. And as this is my diploma thesis, too, I’m now occupied with writing the thesis.

“innoVoice”: that’s the title of the application (or at least the working title).
The app is now up and running for approx. 50 days and is in production mode concerning the management of invoices. The time reporting part is being tested by co-workers this month.

As you may have followed my design mockups of the time reporting screen, I thought I’d share the (for now) final design:

Note to self: I should update this blog more regularly!

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Philipp Haußleiter:

I love that "here at innoq" and "occupied with writing the thesis".

And ... well... i have top pay you a compliment for your Application design :-).

Luck and success with your thesis!

Thanks! :-)

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DanielHi. I'm Daniel Pietzsch and this is my innoQ-Blog. I'm a 26y old student at FH Bochum and working student at innoQ.
In this blog I mainly write about the progress concerning my diploma thesis which will be an in-house application for innoQ based on Ruby on Rails, but some other (geek) stuff might appear here, too.

daniel [dot] pietzsch [alt-L] innoq [dot] com

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