Data Contracts - Like OpenAPI, but for Data

About this session

Data Engineering, Big Data, Data Science, AI, LLMs, whats next in 2024?

In the world of software engineering, we know how important explicit, clearly documented and stable interfaces are, and what effects unannounced breaking changes can have. We use Swagger, OpenAPI or AsyncAPI for this, and tools for code generation or contract-based testing based on them. In the world of data, there has been nothing comparable so far, and unannounced breaking changes, such as schema changes, are unfortunately common there.

Data contracts are something like OpenAPI, but for data. Data contracts bring the producers of data and their consumers together. Data contracts allow the specification of the structure of the data and its quality requirements. Data contracts contain sample data and a semantic description. Data contracts specify terms of use for the data. Consumers can rely on data contracts.

In this talk, I would like to introduce the Data Contract Specification (datacontract.com) in more detail. I want to show how interfaces are described in the world of data, and how this interface documentation differs from the world of software engineering.

11:00 - 11:45
Konferenz / Veranstaltung
WoMM Developer Conference
Aarhus Congress Center, Aarhus