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REST in Depth: Training in Frankfurt

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After some recent discussions, I’ve decided to offer a full-day REST training in English, and set the location so that it’s easily reachable for me and for potential attendees (Frankfurt Airport’s conference center). The date is 18 June 2013. Here’s the content description:

In this full-day workshop, you’ll learn the theory, practical applications, and support for advanced scenarios of REST, the architectural style of the Web.

While we’ll start with a solid theoretical foundation first, we’ll do so without boring everyone (including the instructor) to death. Based on the general concepts, we’ll dive into their implementation in the actual architecture of web protocols in theory and practice.

In the second part, we’ll apply the architectural model to real world scenarios, for RESTful web services scenarios, applications intended for human consumption via a browser, and combinations of both. We’ll cover these for both the enterprise-internal as well as Internet use cases.

Finally, we’ll address common pitfalls, patterns and antipatterns, and advanced topics that come up when adopting RESTful HTTP in the real world.

A siginificant chunk of the workshop will be reserved for Q&A and discussions of use cases brought up by the attendees, as well as some re-engineering of well-known web APIs.

Topics covered will include:

  • How to make sense of the basic principles - and when to ignore them
  • Basic and advanced caching concepts
  • Choosing the right representation format
  • Using Hypermedia in real life
  • How to document APIs and why you may not want to
  • What to look for in implementation tool kits
  • Security aspects in RESTful HTTP
  • Advanced HTTP 1.x usage, SPDY and HTTP 2.0

The workshop is aimed at experienced developers and architects, with some knowledge of distributed systems design and/or web development. Prior knowledge of REST basics is useful, but not absolutely required.

If you speak German, the easiest way to register is through our website.

You can also register via this form:

Drop me a quick email if you have any questions. Oh yes, we’ve priced it at 790 EUR + VAT, and the number of seats is limited to 20.