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New languages

Stefan Tilkov,

Being a programming language geek, I typically try to use the Christmas vacation to learn (or rather, play with) a programming language I don’t know. This year, I find this very hard, as there are so many interesting languages one could spend time with. Some I have considered are:

  • Go: I was thoroughly unimpressed with this language when it came out, and I still fail to see a lot of interesting stuff in it. But I’ve heard many people I respect say only good things about their experience with it, so maybe I should reconsider.
  • Rust: At first glance, this seems to be a very nicely designed language (and it has a really excellent tutorial). Even though its language features are very advanced, it seems to be intended for low-level use cases (that I mostly don’t have).
  • Fantom: Seems to be interesting, too; I remember I looked at it a long time ago, but never in depth.

What do you think? What else is worth a look?