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A Fresh Start ... Again

Stefan Tilkov,

Google Reader’s extremely weird behavior after a first attempt to move my blog to a new location has made me try yet another different blog setup. This time, there should be nothing at all left from the old installation, no redirects, different URIs for everything, a new blog system – clearly, there’s no way for Google Reader to mess things up this time. Let that be the last thing said about this mess; even though it’s very sad to see all of those blog followers go who only occasionally drop by whenever something new appears in their Google Reader subscription, many of them may not have been following anymore, anyway. Who knows. It’s been a long time since I spent some serious time blogging.

Which doesn’t mean one can’t restart, right? We’ll see. For now, this is the one and only blog I’ll maintain. It has zero moving parts, i.e. it’s a static site, (currently) generated using Octopress. If everything works as expected, you’ll be able to subcribe to the an Atom feed that should actually be working for a change.

I’m somewhat undecided with regards to comments and the Twitter integration (both in the sidebar as well as in the bottom of each post). I’ve toyed with the idea of doing away with comments altogether, but I have to say that Disqus seems quite smart.