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Congratulations - you just wet your pants

Stefan Tilkov,

This is so true:

I still can’t buy American series here in Norway, even I pay two extra digits. I still can’t use iTunes or Hulu to stream movies. I can’t even rent the movies from my local cable provider Get until several weeks after they have premiered in the US. Why is this? Why is it ok that I pay NOK 100 (about 15 US Dollars) to watch a movie at the cinema in Oslo. But it’s not ok to pay NOK 100 to stream it at home?

We have the exact same situation here in Germany. Why do people have to downnload stuff via dubious channels? Why can't the stupid movie and TV industry offer a legal and commercial that wins simply because it's more convenient, fast, stable and easy to use?

On May 3, 2009 2:16 PM, said:

It’s because the movie/music industry have berried their heads in the ground so hard, that they are completely blind to those problems. The way banks and deregulation is given as an example of business failure due to not-wanting-to-believe-the-truth today, the same way the movie/music industries will be cited 20 years from now. Fighting a change is the most stupid thing a business man could do - there will be a company that will find a way and adapt, and they will skyrocket.