QCon London 2009

, Mar 3, 2009

Like Ola Bini and Jim Webber, I'm very much looking forward to next week's QCon conference in London. I'll be hosting a track on "Real World SOA", and I will present some "Thoughts on the generic-vs.-specific trade-off" in Dan North's "Architecture for the Architect" track. But I'll also make sure to attend some of the sessions, such as Michael Nygard's "Creating production-ready software", "Document Style Business Services at British Airways", Sadek Dobri's "Functional Programming with a Mainstream Language", and many others. Finally, I will interview Jim Webber and Ian Robinson on "REST for SOA: Using the Web for Integration" - which I'm absolutely sure will be a lot of fun.

QCon, in case you didn't notice, just rocks.