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The Road to Babel

Stefan Tilkov,

Charles Nutter:

So I'm publicly announcing that we at Sun are hosting a JVM Language Summit. It's long overdue in my opinion...we should have been having these events ten years ago. But it's happening now. We're calling all language and VM implementers to come talk about their projects. It doesn't have to be something running on the JVM...we want very much to hear from folks on the Rubinius project, Parrot project, LLVM project, CLR and DLR projects, and any other language and runtime you can think of. This is the chance to get together with a group of your peers to discuss topics you can usually only explore over email or IRC. It's your chance to say what you want the JVM to do for you...or else to say why your platform does it better. It's a meeting of the minds...a first step toward building more open platforms, better runtimes, and completely Free software stacks that all languages can take advantage of.