RESTful JavaOne

, May 9, 2008

Tim Bray, reporting from JavaOne:

Down in the big Java One trade-show, there was a “SOA village”, where all the vendors of SOAP/WSDL/WS-* technology were talking about Governance and Reliability and Integration and so on. “Village” is the word all right; a village left behind by history. It was kind of sad, actually. REST may not have won, but SOA-as-in-WSDL is in the middle of losing.

My second take-away, watching the presentations’ sample code: there was way too much of it. When you’ve been living in Ruby-land for a while, Java’s verbosity starts to hurt your eyes. In particular those constructors spilling across two or three lines, festooned with hideously-nested generics cruft; that’s just wrong.