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Google Doctype

Stefan Tilkov,

This seems interesting:

Google Doctype contains dozens of articles written by top Googlers on topics important to all web developers: security, performance, caching, DOM manipulation, CSS styling, and more. It contains over 8,000 lines of JavaScript code: Google's own battle-tested JavaScript library, released today under a liberal open source license. And it contains the beginnings of a test-driven reference of the open web: a reference of every element, every attribute, every DOM method, every CSS property, all backed up by test cases.

Everything's editable by anyone with a Google account; sort of the Web developer's Wikipedia.

On May 17, 2008 3:15 PM, Greg Wolejko said:

Hi there, actually Doctype doesn’t live up to the hype it produces. I know Google Doctype is in early beta but unfortunately most of the information there is of poor quality. An interesting part of doctype are the howto articles that contain some useful information.

Just my two cents, cheers :)