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QCon London: SOA/Web Track

Stefan Tilkov,

This week I will be at my favorite conference, QCon -- jointly hosted by InfoQ and the JAOO folks --, this time in London, where I host a track on SOA and the Web. I'm sure it's going to be very interesting, and I look forward to meeting the speakers. Here's what the track looks like:

  • First, I will provide an introduction to REST, trying hard not to waste too much time on this-vs.-that debates.
  • Next up, Paul Fremantle will talk about building a registry for WS-* using HTTP, Atom and AtomPub -- something I'm very much looking forward to, as I've personally invested heavily in both of these.
  • Steve Vinoski will follow with a talk about serendipitous re-use with REST,
  • Mark Little, self-described Fence-Sitting SOA Geek, will try to "shed some light on the discussion and show that both REST and WS-* have their roles to play in any good architects toolkit.", and finally,
  • Jim Webber's talk, "A couple ways to skin an Internet-scale cat", will "explore how RESTful solutions can be applied to enterprise domains used by real developers writing with those "boring" statically typed languages, rather than just the Ruby fanboys (though fanboys will also be well catered for). In a shocking conclusion we'll also see that REST done right and SOA done well are actually rather similar beasts..."

I'm sure this will be a lot of fun!

On March 11, 2008 9:50 AM, Shivani said:

Could you upload the presentations?