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W-JAX Sessions

Stefan Tilkov,

I spent yesterday at the W-JAX in Munich, where I gave two presentations — the first one together with Gernot Starke on “SOA between business concept and technology”, the second one on JAX-RS (JSR 311, the Java API for RESTful web services). Both were a lot of fun; as usual, I’ve put the slides online:

Both talks were a lot of fun. Presenting together with Gernot works really well because we agree on enough things so that we don’t get into fights in front of the audience, but we still have different perspectives. The talk was a tour-de-force through all aspects of SOA, and obviously didn’t go into much detail.

The second talk went very well, too — the audience was just amazingly receptive and REST-savvy, and there were some very interesting discussions on the pros and cons of REST and web services, the best strategy to sell REST to management, and the value provided by JSR 311.

I’m writing this while on the way to QCon SF, where there seem to be parties scheduled for tonight (sponsored by Google), Thursday night (speakers’ reception) and Friday night (InfoQ staff) — considering it was pretty late at yesterday’s free beer reception, this is going to be a tough week :-)