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innoQ Event 2007-11

Stefan Tilkov,

I’ve decided to turn talking about our company-internal events into a habit — after all, they’re one of the best things about innoQ (in my not exactly humble opinion). This time, we spent two days in a small town called Wesel, exchanging ideas, listening to various presentations, and discussing all sorts of technical and non-technical things.

Our agenda included a presentation about the use of ILOG’s JRules in the insurance industry, an only slightly esoteric presentation on semantics in communication, some communication theory (of the human kind), a look at Embedded JBoss, a session about model-to-model transformation with two more in-depth sessions on ATL (the Atlas Transformation Language) and openArchitectureWare’s Xtend, and a nice experiment at the end: everyone had been asked before to prepare two slides for a 5 minutes max. presentation, and we ran a series of these “flash presentations” for close to 90 minutes — a huge amount of triggers, as a start to some more detailed discussions among those interested in any of the topics.

Did I mention that our “events” are one of my favorite aspects of innoQ? ;-)