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Blog upgrade

Stefan Tilkov,

Expect some weirdness around here while I play around with a MovableType update.

Update: Most of the stuff should be working again now.

On November 25, 2007 5:18 PM, Stefan Tilkov said:

A test comment … look, MT4 does CAPTCHAs, too.

On November 25, 2007 7:43 PM, Martin Probst said:

Some entries show up in Google Reader as raw text, without paragraphs. Ans they are all unread, but that was to be expected ;-)

On November 25, 2007 7:43 PM, Aristotle Pagaltzis said:


  1. All your feed entries got new IDs, so I got a pile of dupes in my reader. Worse, all the entry dates changed as well.
  2. In the feed, the entry fulltext is raw Markdown – it doesn’t get rendered to HTML.


I like the response time! Before the update your old blog always took several seconds to load a page. Now it takes no time to speak of.

On November 25, 2007 10:10 PM, Stefan Tilkov Author Profile Page said:

Thanks for the feedback!

Not much I can do about the entry IDs, I guess - this should be a one-time annoyance only. Content in the feed should now be HTML again.