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, Oct 25, 2007

From the blog:

One advantage to a proprietary hosted application is that no one cares what you use to get the job done, as long as it works. Now that we are open source, there is understandable interest in what that source code looks like. In our case, it turns out the majority of our software is written in a language called Lisp.

So what is Paragent?

Paragent is a web-based tool for IT administrators that provides a unified service for hardware and software inventory, alerting, remote desktop and help desk. Paragent delivers these tools in an easy-to-use interface, with one-click access, and site-wide built-in advanced search capabilities.
Paragent is a combination of applications, including Lisp-based servers collecting data, C++ agents on the client machines, and Java tools for the remote desktop component. Paragent runs on Linux servers, and supports Windows clients at the current time.

Source code is available.

[via InfoQ]