XMPP matters

, Sep 17, 2007

Bill de hÓra:

AMQP is a complicated, single purpose protocol, and history suggests that simple general purpose protocols get bent to fit, and win out. Tim knows this trend. So here’s my current thinking, which hasn’t changed in a long while - long haul, over-Internet MQ will happen over XMPP or Atompub. That said, AMQP is probably better than the WS-* canon of RM specs; and you can probably bind it to XMPP or adopt its best ideas.

Personally, I see AMQP on the one side and AtomPub/XMPP on the other side of a fence — AMQP internally, addressing the same problem domain as current, proprietary queueing solutions, and AtomPub and XMPP over the Internet.

On September 17, 2007 8:26 AM, Patrick Logan said:

re: AMQP inside the enterprise and XMPP across enterprises…

What would be the drivers for this dichotomy? Why are two different messaging systems necessary? What would limit AMQP from being used on the internet scale? What would limit XMPP from being used on the intranet scale?

Without some reasoning behind this dichotomy, it just feels to much like the old WS-* on the intranet, HTTP on the internet. Now it seems fairly clear that HTTP could be used on both scales, no?