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iPhone's AJAX SDK: No, thank you.

Stefan Tilkov,

Wil Shipley:

What I’m not willing to do is starting programming in AJAX, as Steve so gleefully announced we should do at the (non-nondisclosured) WWDC keynote this year. What you might not have heard, if you only saw the video online, were the moans of the developers in the room when he announced this “no-SDK” SDK… if this AJAX thing was just a trial balloon, as some have theorized, then Steve should have had Jimmy Page up there, because it flew like a lead zeppelin.

My initial reaction (from reading the news about the non-SDK) was positive, but based on the (wrong) assumption that there’s be hooks to access the phone’s capabilities. I still believe that if this were the case, using the browser as the platform would be a great move (for Apple, not necessarily for loyal Apple developers — but Apple does not strike me as a company that would care very much).