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More iPhone SDK Thoughts and OneTrip

Stefan Tilkov,

Since posting my thoughts about the iPhone SDK, I’ve read in a lot of places that there won’t be the kind of integration with the phone features I imagined. We will know when the damn thing becomes available, but I had expected it to provided access to the phone features via JavaScript (which could be very easily emulated for Safari on Mac and Windows). Something like this definitely needs to be available if this is supposed to be a replacement for a “real” SDK.

In any case, I can’t help but find the idea of putting a “real” browser on a handheld device, and use HTML + JavaScript as the platform, extremely appealing - much, much more so than a JavaME based, let alone a proprietary SDK. For a nice example, check out OneTrip:

OneTrip is an iPhone-optimized web application (a simple shopping list). Since third-party apps won’t be available on iPhone for a while, I thought I’d create a website you could load in Safari on iPhone to approximate having a custom widget.

Very neat.