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SOAX: SOA-Expertenwissen - Praxis, Methoden und Konzepte serviceorientierter Architekturen

Stefan Tilkov,

I’m happy to announce that we have finalized the web site for our (German) SOA book, which should be available now in an online store near you. I should point out that I only authored a single chapter on my own (about REST, of course), co-authored three others together with Gernot Starke, but apart from that — also together with Gernot — only took care of collecting, selecting, and reviewing the contributions from an impressive list of authors, virtually all of them very well-known in the German speaking countries.

You can download the preface — written by the great Anne Thomas Manes —, the introduction and the basics chapter (both written by Gernot and me), as well as check out information about the authors, among them my innoQ colleagues Thomas Bandholtz (who authored a chapter about SOA and Semantics), Phillip Ghadir (who wrote about REST and unexpected service consumers), Roman Roth (value-add oriented service design), and Hartmut Wilms (Microsoft WCF). You can also watch the site’s blog planet for news postings.

The web site, BTW, was designed by Dirk Hesse, whose ability to improve by taking away continues to amaze me.