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Ahem Where are the Jini/JavaSpaces Bits?

Stefan Tilkov,

Fuzzy about JavaSpaces:

What gives? Does Sun want this to happen or do they want it to die? I just don’t understand. I mean to offense - I’m new. But the current state of the community makes it very hard to want to invest in this technology - no matter how much potential it has.

Very true — JavaSpaces is exceptionally cool technology, but for some reason it could just as well be dead if you consider its market acceptance.

On September 25, 2008 4:22 PM, Payman Jorand-Lippe said:

Hi, this thread is old and it still seems to be the same situation with Sun’s investment in JavaSpaces. What about GigaSpaces? It sounds very promising to me. Which experiences did your company make, as you are a partner of GigaSpaces?