QCon Summary

, Mar 16, 2007

I’m on my way home, sitting in some bar at Heathrow airport. I think it was a great conference, and judging from the feedback I gathered, most people agreed. (If you didn’t and happen to read this, I’d be very interested to see why). Personaly, I had a great time — I had so many interesting conversations, some of them with people I’ve known on the Net for years and only now met in person, as well as with people I just got to know there, that this alone would have been worth attending.

Two rules I need to remember for QCon 2008:

  1. Do not mention MDA around Martin Fowler. It makes him leave the party very early.

  2. Do not get into a discussion about programming language theory with Eric Meijer, Patrick Linskey, and Cedric Beust. Especially not at 2:30 AM after way too many alcoholic beverages ;-)