QCon London - SOA Track

, Mar 13, 2007

Wednesday morning, I’m going to leave for London to go to QCon, the first conference organized by InfoQ and EOS (the folks behing JAOO), where I’m host of the SOA track. I’ll only have a very small part in the show, the track introduction (which I’m going to do together with Miko), but I somehow managed to gather together an extraordinary line-up of SOA speakers:

I’m also very much looking forward to the talks of Mark Nottingham and Werner Vogels. Check out the other tracks, too - with Martin Fowler, Eric Meijer, Ted Neward, Christian Weyer, Cameron Purdy, Cedric Beust, Kevlin Henney, Zed Shaw, Dave Thomas, and many, many more, I believe this conference is going to be close to incredible.

On March 17, 2007 2:27 PM, phil76 said:

hi stefan, the qcon conference’s website has moved to http://qcon.infoq.com/qcon/conference/ (your link is dead …) cheers, phillip