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An Interview with Paul Prescod

Stefan Tilkov,

I haven’t read anything from RESTafarian Paul Prescod for a long time — great to see this interview.

My favorite quotes:

XML-RPC is both brain-dead simple and in many ways simply brain dead.

My overall view of Dave Winer is that he has brilliant ideas ahead of their time and then does such poor implementation that other people must send years cleaning up the mess created by the early adopters on the basis of his half-written, barely-thought-out specifications. Atom cleans up his broken idea of RSS. SOAP was supposed to clean up XML-RPC although it made the situation worse.

The primary benefit of moving the center of gravity of Web Services standardization to OASIS is that OASIS does not really attempt to build a unified architecture for its standards. The W3C is supposed to be building an information system known as “The Web.” This means that there is pressure to actually make standards work together.

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