innoQ and Ruby on Rails

, Jan 30, 2007

At OOP 2007, Phillip and I did our first public Ruby on Rails tutorial (the ones we did before were in-house). One day is very short for all of the framework, but I still like to believe we did a decent job (if you happen to have attended, and also read this, I’d appreciate a comment).

This marks innoQ’s official entry into the Rails consulting business (in Germany, for the moment), which has three consequences:

  • We’re actively looking for projects that are candidates for being built with Rails. This includes projects that require extremely short development time, projects where a company is looking to assess RoR’s enterprise readiness, and projects where there’s a non-technical customer who simply doesn’t care about technology. For particularly interesting projects, we’ll offer extremely competitive deals. Contact us if you’re interested.
  • We’ll offer one-day and three-day tutorials, both publicly (in our offices in Ratingen and Darmstadt) and in-house. Again, drop us an email to find out more.
  • This does not only mean that we’re going to actively hire Ruby and Rails developers, but also that we offer developers who have a different background, but are interested in RoR, a chance to actually work with it. (And yes, you can get a Mac at innoQ, too.)

The main reason is that Rails just rocks.