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RailsConf Europe: Panel Discussion and DHH Presentation Pt. 2

Stefan Tilkov,

There was a panel discussion with the available half of the core team, which overall was pretty interesting. Way to many questions and answers for me to summarize here, and I didn’t care enough (and did not have sufficient AC power) to take note of the details. Gavin Bell brought up the Atom Publishing Protocol topic again, and DHH used similar arguments. I don’t think this stops anybody from doing some APP stuff on top of the Rails REST API, but it surely would have been easier if it were part of the framework … but I can understand the reasoning behind not doing that.

Then David delivered the second part of his morning keynote (which had been cut short). This was focused on the way some of those outside of the Ruby community expect to be entitled to some rights just because they downloaded Ruby, and expressed indignation when their complaints were not taken seriously. I understand David’s point of view — with Rails, you get exactly the support you’ve paid for, which is exactly the way the license tells you it works. While I like DHH’s views, I’m sure he’ll severely piss off many potential Rails users. Which seems to be fine by him — understandably, since his business is not selling Rails.

Overall, the day way a lot of fun — very much what I expected it to be.