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Interviewing Mark Baker

Stefan Tilkov,

Another interview I did for InfoQ, this time with Mark Baker.

My first exchange with Mark was when I commented rather unkindly on an article of his three years ago (in a pretty pointless post of my own). I followed up a little more constructively, and Mark’s response started a pretty long period where I became more and more convinced of REST’s benefits. We met face-to-face in 2005, which only helped with my conversion :-)

Mark’s an evangelist if I’ve ever seen one; given he’s not being paid for it, the amount of work he invests in tirelessly commenting in mailing lists and blog posts and blog comments and wherever the necessity arises is truly impressing — whether you agree with him or not. And if you’re only starting to read stuff by Mark, and doubt that he has a point, trust me: he has.